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10 times 3

as this evening comes to a close, the first of my thirtieth year, i am tempted to reflect and/or unwind something profound. temptation however, will not be getting the best of me tonight. tonight i...

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Hard drives

Today I went searching for a track I recently recorded. My intention was to have it mixed and posted on the site as soon as possible. All this worry circulating about the status of my music making ...

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Staircase memory

Sitting on the landing, a staircase made of stone. The smell of jasmine and a million other earth bound flowers I could never name ease their way through the canyon on a wind reserved for these hil...

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This will be a process

5 am and I've finally grown tired of the pixelated black grey of a hotel ceiling. I move to the shower for a change of scenery and on the promise I've attached to a spike in body temperature. I re...

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Last Night

Two Advil pm and 3 ounces of bullet rye later it occurs to me I have something to say. To the wall, to myself, to anyone who will listen. I enjoy operating in this space, late at night when the que...

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The Gypsy Wagon

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I think I just saw the ghost of Charles Bukowski on the corner of cherokee and melrose.

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